Why Choose Knockhall Primary

We believe children learn best when:  

  • learning activities are well planned, ensuring progress;
  • high expectations are in place for all learners;
  • teaching and learning activities enthuse, engage and motivate children to learn, and foster their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning;  
  • assessment informs teaching so that there is provision for support, repetition and extension of learning for each child, at each level of attainment;  
  • the learning environment is ordered, the atmosphere is purposeful, and children feel safe;  
  • there are strong links between home and school, and the importance of parental involvement in their children’s learning is recognised, valued and developed.

Our bespoke curriculum is celebrated through Big Bang Days which provide the hook and engagement to children culminating in an end of term celebration whereby parents/carers are invited to attend Family Learning sessions.

We are committed to providing an excellent extra-curricular offer which offer an engaging, fun and ambitious programme of opportunities. 


The school has always supported my child, and have made sure my child's needs are met and the staff are trained and in place to deal with his needs

- Parent


On my arrival, the Head Teacher and a small group of students met me and gave me a tour of the school. This was such an invigorating experience. 

-Cllr Lesley Howes
Town Mayor of Swanscombe and Greenhithe


The school has been fantastic during this very difficult time and getting a smile and a kind word from staff means a lot

- Parent


Lunch & break times were really well structured, with activities zoned in the playground, with lots of positive interactions between the children and between adults and learners too

- Hannah Hall.


Had a really insightful day at the school and found the displays engaging. Everyone was so welcoming

- PGCE student


Thanks for all the amazing work Knockhall have done - I am so impressed with the amount of work and support that the teachers have given and how positive and upbeat everyone has been

- Parent