Staff Team

Our school has a team of skilled, knowledgeable and passionate staff who are dedicated to ensuring that the school can provide the best education, opportunities and experiences for all children.

Our staffing structures ensures collaboration, with colleagues working in teams to plan together each week as well as across other schools in our Trust. This means that they can discuss, evaluate and constantly improve together to ensure that the education experience and provision in the classroom best meets the needs of all children.

Our school systems ensure that teachers have support and time to really consider the teaching and learning experiences of our children; curriculum delivery being at the forefront of their consideration.

The staff team are committed to ensuring that the provision for all children is of the highest quality where all learning enthuses, engages and motivates children whilst fostering their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

Headship Team

Miss K Yiannadji
Mrs C Riley
Deputy Headteacher - Curriculum
Mrs S Wady
Deputy Headteacher - Inclusion
Mrs C Stredder
School Business Manager
Miss I Allen
Assistant Headteacher

Leadership Team

Miss S Shergill
Early Years Foundation Stage Lead
Mr K Forrest
Lower Key Stage 2 Lead

School Office

Mrs Y Unthank
Office Administrator
Miss R Peterson
Office Administrator

Wellbeing and Inclusion

Mrs L Dunsdon
Wellbeing Coach
Miss G Martin
Wellbeing Coach

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs C Ball
Mrs T Fisk
Miss L Nicolaides

Teaching Assistants

Mrs L Aylwin
Mrs M Hrdlicka
Mrs A Taylor
Miss K Marshall
Mrs M McCarthy
Mrs E Pilkinton
Mrs C Skipper
Mrs T Virdi
Mrs F Mudassar

Sports Coach

Mr S MacNeil


Mr A Robertson
Premises Manager
Mr J Tuck

Class Teachers

Nursery Class Teachers

Miss K Taylor
Ducklings Class

Reception Class Teachers

Miss S Shergill
Owlets Class
Miss J Smith
Cygnets Class

Year 1 Class Teachers

Mrs A Akande
Swans Class
Miss N Kelly
Owls Class

Year 2 Class Teachers

Miss H Strong
Toucans Class
Miss E Corrigan
Flamingos Class
Mrs C Ukanwa
Falcon Class

Year 3 Class Teachers

Mrs S Moss
Hummingbirds Class
Miss I Allen
Robins Class

Year 4 Class Teachers

Mr C Masters
Kestrels Class
Miss S Akter
Woodpeckers Class

Year 5 Class Teachers

Ms J Richards
Penguins Class
Mr D Rackham
Puffins Class

Year 6 Class Teachers

Mr P Adekoya
Eagles Class
Mr K Forrest
Peacocks Class
Mrs J Ridgers
Parrots Class