Simply, we believe that the partnership between school and families is the most important one for our children to succeed. In order to succeed, we aim to create a stimulating learning environment for the children and families, creating a caring school where the children and families are safe, feel valued and can achieve their best. A school where children, parents and staff are excited by learning and experiencing rich and enjoyable learning journeys through their time at the school.

At Knockhall we commit to making it our mission to promote resilience and positive wellbeing for all our pupils and staff. We understand wellbeing as state of being comfortable, healthy and happy. We will strive to create an environment, which has a whole school approach, in providing excellent mental health support, understanding and intervention.

5 ways to wellbeing 1

Nef 5 ways to wellbeing


Knockhall Primary puts wellbeing at the heart of our school.



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