Thinking Schools

What is a Thinking School?

Our family of schools are working towards becoming a community of Thinking Schools. As part of this process, each school will be working towards fulfilling all of the criteria to be accredited as a Thinking School so that our schools are considered Centres of Excellence with regard to cognitive education by the University of Exeter.

A Thinking School is one that is dedicated to cognitive education; to ensuring that any child that attends one of our schools is supported to become independent thinkers.

A Thinking School is an educational community in which all members share a common commitment to giving regular careful thought to everything that takes place. This will involve both children and staff learning how to think reflectively, critically and creatively, and to employing these skills and techniques in the co-construction of a meaningful curriculum and associated activities. Successful outcomes will be reflected in children's development across a wide range of abilities demonstrating independent and co-operative learning skills, high levels of achievement and both enjoyment and satisfaction in learning. Benefits will be shown in ways in which all members of the community interact with and show consideration for each other and in the positive psychological well-being of both children and staff.

Part of this process includes the introduction of key strategies whereby children have been introduced to Dr Hyerle’s Thinking Maps.

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