Bexley Children's University

Bexley Children's University - Your October challenge is all about going crazy with the wackiest Fake News story you can think of! Please read below for more information on taking part!

If you want to explore Fake News a bit more and test your skills on whether something is real or not, visit the website below (but please ask your grown up’s permission first!)

Is it Real or Photoshopped? (by Adobe):

Fake or Foto?:

Play “FakeOut” (CIVIX/

BBC iReporter (you’re a BBC journalist covering breaking news and have to decide whether or not to post things on social media):

In “Bad News (Junior),” by DROG, a team of academics from Cambridge University and media experts–you become a fake news creator:

Play “Reality Check” by Media Smarts and learn how to check whether something is fake or real:

Bexley Childrens University October Challenge3

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