Collection of Children

Please see below details of our Left Child Procedure

  • Child’s class teacher (or adult responsible for the class) is to keep the child in the classroom until 10 minutes after the end of the day.
  • At this time the child’s class teacher takes the child to the school office and arranges for the child’s contacts to be phoned.
  • If contact is made, the child remains with the class teacher until they are collected. The only exception to this is if the teacher has a meeting which cannot be rearranged; in this case the child is left with another appropriate adult until collection.

If contact is not made, the following steps should be taken:

  1. A senior member of staff should be informed.
  2. The child should remain with the class teacher while further attempts at contact are made, including contacting friends of the family.
  3. If by half an hour after the end of the school day no contact has been made, a senior member of staff and another member of staff will visit the child’s home, while the child remains at school with their teacher.
  4. If this is unsuccessful, the senior member of staff will contact the Bexley MASH team and/or the police on 101.
  5. The child’s class teacher must remain with the child at all times to help ease the child’s anxiety.
  6. If a child is not collected ten minutes after the end of a club, then all attempts at contact should be made first. If there is no response, then a home visit should be made immediately if possible. If it is not possible, then step 4 should be implemented.
  7. If there are no senior members of staff on site, then telephone contact should be made if the teacher has concerns.

Please note, that only named adults authorised in advance by parents/carers can collect a child. If there is a change to the normal collection procedure, the child’s parent/carer must contact the school office to inform us of this, otherwise we will be unable to release the pupil. Anyone under 16 cannot collect a child, except for in exceptional circumstances.

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