Welcome to Knockhall Primary School


At Knockhall we highly value the partnership between home and school, and encourage all parents and carers to take an active part in the education of their children. Our school believes that every child has the potential to excel in all areas of the school curriculum, and we strive relentlessly to make it happen.                                                                                                                    

Our four school values underpin daily life at Knockhall:                                                              

We encourage all children and adults to demonstrate respect in action and words. We are all different and are individuals, and we respectfully celebrate the diversity of our school community.

We encourage all children and adults to demonstrate pride and be proud of everything they do. We want our school community to be proud of the achievements of each individual.

We encourage all children and adults to be and demonstrate honesty. We develop the need to listen to people’s opinions and to understand the different needs of our school community.

We expect all members of our school community to demonstrate teamwork and work confidently within a group. Our children are the adults and leaders of tomorrow, and it is important that they develop the skills to live and work together now and in the future.

We am extremely proud of all the children and adults who learn together in a vibrant school community. We look forward to welcoming all visitors to our school.


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